Preview of Community Offerings

Here we highlight a few of our community events and offer an overview of what to expect. To view all of our events, take a look at the full event calendar. Many events are free to attend, and our ability to continue offering events and education is dependent upon your support. Donations are always appreciated and help us keep on giving you great content, conversations, and movies!

Book vs the Movie

Through the partnership between VisArt and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library we are proud to offer events to expand your conversation about movies. Join us in our book club/movie club and discuss the Book vs the Movie!

Cult Movies in the Cave

Each month VisArt culls a special cult film to expand your mind and your universe. This Series is dedicated to screening unique, obscure, not always critically -acclaimed, but considered “must-see cinema”. For upcoming selections check our
Full Calendar or follow us on social media.

Coffee and Conversation

Join us in our screening room near the cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation about movies. Every morning our cafe is open and Monday through Wednesday we watch classic films. Experience the diversity of thought and culture that is always welcome at VisArt. Free movies Monday through Wednesday at 9am. You can always come by and watch a free movie!

Studio VisArt - Animated Selections

This series brings you special animated selections. We strive to find unique, or rare creations to share with you. If you appreciate Animation or Illustration, you will enjoy this event series.

VHS Potluck

Bring a VHS movie that you have never seen to share with the group. Expand your knowledge of movies by taking this opportunity to learn about movies you have not yet experienced.


  1. Donell Stines-Jones

    Thanks Team for offering this to the community, I will try my best to help spread the word for future Community Conversations. These conversations need to grow, but not too large, so people can be heard and of course grow in diversity. I’d love to see more clips of the actual movie be shown to spark further conversation, i.e.. what was your take away from this scene. Also, a brief reminder of the history- who wrote it when and who produced it…etc. I think these Community Conversations are a brilliant idea and look forward to more!
    Thanks again. dsj

    • Gina Stewart

      Thank you Donell!

  2. Jackie Current

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate in insightful conversations about movies. I love listening to others share what speaks to them. I also love the intimate size of the groups.
    Sounds like plans are in the works to keep it going and growing! Can’t wait for garden movie nights and food! See you there.

  3. Rebekah Coggins

    First of all, Vis Art forever. :)
    Secondly, I would love to see the PG movies on Sunday afternoons.
    I appreciate all of the workers at vis art so very much. My daughters and I have come in for the last 12 years. Thank you vis art team.

    • Kat Gantt

      Thank you for your feedback and continued support Rebekah. Stay tuned for updates on the cartoons.

  4. Kelly Payne

    I think it would be cool to have an Open Mic night at Visart!

    I would also love a workshop about taking and posting better photos and videos.

    I am so freaking grateful for what Visart offers to our community.

    Keep up the awesome work y’all! I look forward to attending another event soon.

  5. Bartleby Sniklefritz (J-son)

    Hey Visart,

    Thank you for being a friend. We here at Polyhe-tradle Paradice thank you for your support.

    We appreciate you sponsoring the stream and hitting us up with some goodies “wink wink” that we could give away to viewers.

    We love you, like seriously. I hope to get down to your theater at some point and cap wants to watch DR Strange at your tiny tiny theater.

  6. Korin

    Are there any clubs for college age people ? Looking to make friends to hang out with who have similar interest.

    • Bill Matschat

      Maybe wrong place to ask; forgive me! Are you aware of anyone reliable that can repair a VHS player/ recorder?

  7. Gina Stewart

    Sure! We are adding so much programming fo the summer! Lots of music, you might especially enjoy literally music! All info is currently on the website


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