Image of the cover of the movie The Old ManImage of the cover of the movie The Old Man

Studio VisArt Series July- The Old Man: The Movie

The Old Man: The Movie 1991
1 hr 43 min
Got MILK? Based on the series, this movie spins the tale of Grandchildren who come to visit the Old Man and his dairy cow in the countryside for the summer. As the Grandchildren learn the ways of farm life, the cow escapes. The children have 24 hours to find the cow before the unmilked udder explodes and causes a milk core disaster. The old man and the children start a ruthless race in time because the udder must be defused before the mysterious Dairy Cow sends the cow to the heavenly meadow. They meet with despicable hipsters in the countryside, wild boars, desperate sawmillers, and a stubborn bear suffering from constipation.

Wednesday, July, 6th. 7 pm. Minimum $10 Donation.


The event is finished.


Jul 06 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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3104 Eastway Dr, Charlotte, NC 28205


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