TUNE IN: To Your Intuition 2 Day Workshop at VisArt on Saturday, April 20th at 1:11PM & Sunday, April 21st at 1:11PM

TUNE IN: To Your Intuition

🍭Your Intuition is Soul speaking to you. She’s telling you what decisions, what changes, what choices to make to live your best and most fulfilled life. Are you listening? Or is anxiety, overthinking, and perfectionism getting in the way? If you sign up for this workshop I will help you break through the clutter and finally access your intuition!

DAY 1 – Saturday, April 20th 1:11PM – 3:33PM

DAY 2 – Sunday, April 21st 1:11PM – 3:33PM

What to expect:

➡️On Day 1 Saturday, April 20th, (TEACHING DAY) I will teach you how to soothe your survival brain’s incessant anxious, perfectionistic and self-critical thoughts so that you can finally HEAR your intuition speaking to you. I will also teach you how to KNOW which of the many voices/feelings you experience IS your intuition speaking to you.

➡️On Day 2 Sunday, April 21st, (PRACTICE DAY) we will practice soothing your survival brain using brain hacks and affirmations. And we will practice listening to your intuition using somatic exercises and thought exercises. This is where we will go over exactly HOW to know if you are listening to the right voice/feeling.

At the end of Day 2, I will lead you on the ultimate journey of intuition by guiding you deep into your subconscious using my connection to my higher self and my intuition. I call these “Channeled Spirit Journeys” and they are uplifting, empowering, and intensely healing.

You will leave this workshop KNOWING what your intuition is saying to you! (Whether you listen is an entirely different story.) 😬

This Workshop will be streamed Via ZOOM to online participants and recorded so that everyone has access to the replays. The information shared in this Workshop by participants will be kept confidential and the replays only accessible to the participants.

You’ll also receive a powerful workbook to help you solidify what you learn during the workshop.

Register for the 2 day workshop here.

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Apr 21 2024


1:10 pm - 3:35 pm




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