MOVIES   Fifty Shades Darker • Dying Laughing (documentary) • Orange is the New Black Season 4 Tall Men (indie horror) • Things to Come (French, original title – L’Avenir) • The Void (indie Sci-Fi thriller) • The Horse Dancer (family film) • Apprentice (Misc Foreign) • Beaches (2017 remake)
Blu-RayShout Factory Double Feature: Ghosthouse +Witchery

RequestsTightrope • Witchcraft (1988 cult horror) • Tales from the Hood (1999 Cult Thriller) • She’s Gotta Have It • Can’t Stop the Music ( pseudo autobiography of disco’s The Village People, feat. The Village People!) • The Star • Dragon Fist
TV Wayward Pines Season 1 (Produced by M. Night Shyamalan, writing credits to Stranger Things creators, The Duffer Brothers) 
Documentaries The Criterion Collection: Shoah • Heaven Adores You (Elliott Smith Doc.) • Finding Fela (Fela Kuti Doc)

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