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Remembering Diana: An Open Letter to Abbas Kiarostami

20160 h 20 min

A decade after the new millennium, Abbas Kiarostami travelled to Japan with his gentle gaze absorbing the beauty of the land, which we recognise for its futurism and hard work. This film is my letter to Kiarostami through which I share with him what I feel he saw during the journey. - Hasainar Chengat Meditating digital, eternity's tiger seen by a pilgrim converges into the image. On a paper boat drafted by Daft Punk, sailing with water the wedding video of Princess Diana meets Japan. Second coming of Pier Paolo Pasolini in a vision of Abbas Kiarostami during the making of Notes for a Film on India is here.

Director Hasainar Chengat
Runtime 0 h 20 min
Release Date 17 October 2016
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