Oct 21
Today’s theme for 31 days of VisArt is Foreign Horror and we have so many awesome picks! 
Which is your favorite from today’s list?

Here are the movies shown:
Anatomy  Audition
 Dead Snow (Norwegian, R, 2014)
The Devil’s Backbone (Spanish language, 2001)
Diabolique (France, Criterion, 1955) 
Dream Home
The Eye
Eyes without a Face (France, Criterion, 1960)
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (Iran, 2014)
Hisss (India, 2010)
The Host
I’m not Scared (Italian)
Jigoku (1960, Japanese Criterion) 
Juan of the Dead (Spanish language, 2011)
Ju-On (Japanese) 
Let the Right One In (Swedish, 2008) 
Martyrs (French, 2014)
Memory of the Dead
Night Watch
One Missed Call (Japanese)
The Orphanage  
Pan’s Labyrinth (Spanish language, 2006) 
Rare Exports (2010)
Ringu (Japanese, 1998) 
Saint Nick (Dutch, 2010)
Shutter (Thai)
A Tale of Two Sisters
Tell Me Something (Korean, R, 1999)
Troll Hunter  
Uzumaki (Japanese, 2000)
Vampyr (German, 1932)
We Are What We Are (Spanish language, 2010)

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